Prospective Students

Are you interested in getting involved in extracurricular activities?  Looking for real world design, competition, team, and leadership experience?  Join one of the 34 Engineering Design Teams at UBC and work on various projects such as human powered submarines, Formula race cars, autonomous robots, steel bridges, space satellites, concrete toboggans, and fuel efficient cars!

These teams recruit students from various departments in engineering as well as other faculties such as science, business and arts. Previous experience is not always required; this is the opportunity for you to learn and develop skills to become true experts in your field of study.

How can I join a team?

Every September, there are 2 major opportunities to explore the teams during the first week of classes. First, on Imagine UBC all the teams set up along Main Mall. Second, during Engineering Week E^0 the design teams host a midday open house for students to learn more. If you’re considering joining a team, these are perfect opportunities to find out which team is the best fit for you.