Engineering Design Team (EDT) Handbook

Please view the Engineering Design Team Handbook for information on policies, procedures, and contact information.

Last Updated: February 12, 2019

Appendice Documents

Appendix A has been discontinued (previously a listing of teams).

Team Document Examples

Appendix B1: Supermileage Team Structure (2015/16)

Appendix B2: SailBot Team Organizational Documents (2014-2015)

Appendix B3: Supermileage Turnover (2014/2015)

Appendix B4: Supermileage Communications Plan (2012/13)

Financial Documents Examples

Appendix C1: APSC Donation Form

Appendix C2: Sponsorship Invoice Template

Appendix C3: Sponsorship Pledge Form

Appendix C4: Expense Claim Form

Appendix C5: PAF Claim Form

Appendix C6: Supermileage Sponsorship Package (2014/15)

Appendix C7: Baja 2014/15 PAF Application

Appendix C8: Supermileage 2016/17 PAF Application

Appendix C9: Missing Receipt Form

Safety Documents Examples

Appendix D1: UBC EDT Safety Plan Template

Appendix D3: Workplace Safety Orientation Checklist

Appendix D4: General Work Area Inspection Checklist

Appendix D5: Safe Work Procedure Form

Appendix D8: Supermileage Work Alone Safety Procedure

UBC Risk Management Work Alone Standard of Procedure

IT Request Form: APSC Design Team Request