Shipping & Purchasing Procedures

For course and team related activities, engineering students can use the services of the ECE purchasing office.  They are located in MCLD 1032 – on the first floor, near the MacLeod Atrium.  Below are instructions for how to purchase with and ship to this office.

To place orders through ECE Purchasing:

  • Email with the following information:
    • Your name, student number, and the course/project/team that the purchase is for
    • A speed chart to which the order can be charged, and contact information of anyone required to approve the order (e.g. supervisor or accountant)
      • Note: Do not CC anyone on your initial email.  See “note on tickets” below.
    • Supplier name, part numbers, descriptions, and quantities.  Be as clear and descriptive as possible (i.e. include URLs, use an Excel spreadsheet if needed).
    • Estimated order price.
  • We will confirm receipt of the email and send you an email notification when your order arrives.

To place your own orders and ship to ECE Purchasing:

  • Email explaining that you will be placing your own order to ship to ECE.
    • Include name, purpose (which course/project/team), and a speed chart to which COD charges (tax/duty) can be billed.
  • You will receive an automated email reply with 1-2 minutes with a 6-digit number (e.g. “RT #123456”).
  • Place your order as usual, using the RT number you received as the name in the shipping address and in the purchase order field, if any.
    • ECE uses this as an internal tracking number so that they know who the package belongs to when it arrives.  You will receive an email notification when it arrives at UBC.
  • Use the following shipping address:
ATTN: RTxxxxxx
University of British Columbia
Electrical and Computer Engineering
1032 – 2356 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC  V6T 1Z4

Note: The automatically generated RT number is a support ticket used to track your request.  Be sure that any subsequent emails you send to purchasing regarding an order contains that order’s RT tag in the subject line “[ #xxxxxx]”, otherwise you’ll generate a new ticket.  When CC’ing others, wait until you receive your ticket number, and then CC them on that email.