I want to start a team. What do I do? Refer to Starting a Design Team section of this Handbook.


I have issues with my current team? Depending on the nature of your concern, you may speak to your Team Captain, the Engineering Design Teams Coordinator (team.engineering@ubc.ca), the Student Professional Development Officer, (elise.goodreault@ubc.ca) the Safety and Facilities Officer (richard.colwell@ubc.ca) your Faculty Advisor, or the Engineering Student Teams Faculty Head (vdl1@mail.ubc.ca).


I am a Team Captain and I’m not sure we’ll meet our technical/financial goals this year. What should I do?
Set up an appointment as soon as possible with your Faculty Advisor first, and then the Engineering Student Teams Coordinator to discuss options. Teams are foremost an opportunity for students to develop personally and professionally, and learn from any potential failures. There is support available at all times.


I am a team member and I see unsafe practices being conducted in or around my workspace. What should I do?
Contact your Safety Officer immediately. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, you may contact either of the following: The Engineering Design Teams Coordinator, the Student Professional Development Officer, your Faculty Advisor, the Safety and Facilities Manager, or the Engineering Student Teams Faculty Head.


My team did very well at a competition. Who should I tell?
Please let the Student Teams Coordinator (team.engineering@ubc.ca) know, as well as the Applied Science Communications Manager, Wendy McHardy(Wendy.mchardy@ubc.ca), and the Applied Science Development Coordinator, (team.sponsorship@apsc.ubc.ca). All three may be able to promote your team’s success at different levels within UBC and externally.


My team is done with our project. What do we do with it now?
Many teams choose to hold on to their projects to show off at events. When this is less convenient (i.e. with larger projects), teams often salvage whatever parts and materials they can from the past projects, and dispose of the rest. Before destroying your project, please contact the Student Teams Coordinator to see if the Faculty of Applied Science would like to showcase your project.


Why should I keep a personal log/portfolio of my student team activities?
Employers love seeing examples of actual technical work that has been completed by Example work gives a more complete picture of a student’s capabilities and experience. It is never too early to start documenting your project experience. Good things to include in a student portfolio include 3D Models and Assemblies, Simulations, Computer Programs, Project Photos, and Project Results.


I have spent money to buy supplies for the team, what should I do?
Keep all of your receipts, originals are required to be reimbursed. Please see the section Finance – Teams for more information. If you have any remaining questions which were not answered in this handbook, please contact the current Student Teams Coordinator at team.engineering@ubc.ca.