Access to Spaces

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  1. Process for EDC, CHBE, LMRS
    1. Spaces available for request via EDTC
    2. Access Expiry Dates
  2. Process for Rusty Hut, Hennings, etc.

Process for EDC, CHBE, LMRS

  1. Have your Captain and Safety Officer attend the Student Leadership Symposium (early September; mandatory) and attend the safety session and in-person space walkthrough.
    1. If your team captain and/or safety officer did not do the in-person walkthrough at the Student Leadership Symposium, then you are required to book a walkthrough with the APSC Safety and Facilities Officer by emailing a list of times you are available to the EDT Coordinator. The walkthrough approximately takes ten minutes.
  2. Have all members complete the three mandatory online safety training courses on the UBC Risk and Safety Services website. It is required that all members complete the training prior to any members obtaining access. Please note that for courses that must be completed annually, you will not receive a new certificate ID.
    1. Engineering Design Team Safety Orientation (must be completed annually,
      starting in September)
    2. WHMIS 2015 General Audience (must be completed annually,
      starting in September)
    3. Preventing & Addressing Workplace Bullying & Harassment Training (only
      required to be completed once)
    4. UBC Go Forward COVID-19 Safety Planning
  3. Email the EDT Coordinator an excel spreadsheet (template available here) with all information listed below from your official design team email:
    1. First Name (as listed on the RMS website)
    2. Last Name (as listed on the RMS website)
    3. Role (if any)
    4. Student Number (verify that it is correct)
    5. Email Address (as listed on the RMS website)
    6. Spaces where Access is Required (be specific and separate these into different columns, i.e. EDC 211, EDC 213)
    7. Mandatory Training Status including Certificate ID’s (e.g. EDT Safety Orientation, WHMIS, etc.)
    8. Shop Training Status (e.g. MECH, ELEC, PHAS, etc.)

Spaces available for request via EDTC:

  • CHBE 104 (Limited to teams that have space in CHBE 104)
  • EDC 101 (Competition Team Space and Composites Room, limited access for non-bay teams)
  • EDC 211 (Shared Workshop, design space portion is available to all members. Fabrication space portion is limited to members that have completed MECH, ELEC, PHAS, or BCIT shop training.)
  • EDC 213 (Shared Electronics Workroom)
  • EDC 224 (Small Meeting Room)
  • EDC 301 (Large Meeting Space)
  • EDC 303 (Large Workshop Space)
  • EDC 320 (Boardroom)
  • LMRS (Limited to teams that have space in LMRS)

Access Expiry Dates

  • EDC, CHBE – October 31st of each year
  • LMRS – August 31st of each year

Process for Rusty Hut, MacLeod, Hennings, etc.

Please contact the respective department overseeing the space.