Sponsorship is vital to the teams.  As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to watch our students evolve into experts in their fields of study and to watch truly amazing projects materialize. Sponsorship may come as monetary or in-kind.

The Engineering Design Teams invite you and/or your company to participate in these projects!  Here are just a few great reasons to become a sponsor:

  • Meet hard-working, dedicated engineering students as potential coop or post-graduation employees;
  • Develop strong relationships with engineering students and with UBC Engineering;
  • Many teams offer tax-credits for your contribution;
  • Advertise your company when our teams are featured in the media, at competition, and public relations events;
  • Help extend knowledge and appreciation of engineering as per EGBC Code of Ethics (10).

There are several methods of representation, usually agreed upon between specific design teams and their sponsors. Here are a few recent examples:

  • Display of company logo to the media on the project or team uniforms;
  • Display of company logo on sponsoring team website;
  • Handout of company business cards at events and competitions;
  • Case study on unique uses of equipment

For some samples of past media coverage, feel free to find them at the Media page.

Please provide your information in the form below if you would like to sponsor a team. If you don’t know who to sponsor, please don’t hesitate to also fill out the form and we would be happy to help guide your decision.

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