As welding is an extremely hazardous activity for anyone who is untrained, UBC forbids students who have not received the appropriate certifications from welding on campus. As many teams require welding in the fabrication of their projects, the Faculty of Applied Science has hired a certified student, Daniel Granger from Baja to provide teams with welding services. When requesting a welding job, please note the following:

The Student teams should essentially be creating welding procedures, as part of their design process. This experience will serve them well later in their careers as engineers. The student teams should fully consider all stages of fabrication when designing their parts including:

  • Material, (can the metals be welded together)
  • Welding processing (what process is to be used to welt the pieces e.g. TIG, MIG)
  • Part geometry (can the welding torch fit into all tight corners)
  • Jigging (the part and all its components should be fully supported and held in position.
  • Additionally, metals should be prepped – cleaned to bare shiny metal -ss before being
    assembled in the jig.)

The student teams should do the necessary research to determine the feasibility of the production of the part before it is given to the welder. Also note that there is a clear expectation that reasonable time-lines needed to complete any work must be observed and that it is up to the discretion of the team’s welder with respect to his academic schedule. Teams with home Department welding services available are welcome to continue using them and consider this service as an extra resource.