The Teams

Here’s an overview of all our teams. To find out more about a team, select a tab on the left!

Aerospace Teams

UBC Orbit is a satellite design team dedicated to the innovation, design and development of nano-satellites known as CubeSats. UBC Rocket is dedicated to the design, construction, and launch of suborbital rockets.
UBC Mars Colony  is dedicated to designing and manufacturing aspects of a habitat that can withstand the challenges of the Martian environment. UBC Aerodesign builds and flies payload-lifting, radio-controlled airplanes.


Automotive Teams

Formula UBC designs, builds, test and races a new single-seat race car each year to be competitive against 120 top teams from around the world.

UBC Formula Electric is dedicated to designing and constructing a formula-style race car that is completely electrical. UBC Supermileage Team is dedicated to the design and fabrication of ultra fuel-efficient vehicles.



UBC Baja designs and constructs a single-seat all-terrain vehicle. UBC Solar is a solar car racing team. Thunderbikes is an Electric Motorcycle Racing Team that builds high performance electric motorcycles and electric bikes.



Chemical and Biomedical Teams

UBC Biomedical Engineering Student Team (BEST)  aims to use a context-appropriate approach to address medical challenges worldwide. UBC Chem-E-Car applies principles of chemical engineering to design and build a car powered solely by chemical reactions. UBC BIOMOD solves real world problems through the power of biomolecular nanotechnology!
UBC Bionics focuses on designing solutions to replace human physiology via the innovation of bionics.


Computer Teams

UBC Launch Pad is a student team focused on annually developing a web or mobile application. UBC Rapid team is designing rapid prototyping machines, also known as 3D printers.




Watercraft Teams

Subbots is dedicated to the design and construction of autonomous underwater vehicles. UBC Sailbots design and build fully autonomous robotic sailboats.  SUBC is UBC’s Human Powered Submarine design team.




Robotics Teams

UBC Rover researches and designs autonomous vehicles with a current focus on building a semi-autonomous Mars rover for competition in the International Canadian Rover Challenge. Thunderbots FC are a football club of soccer playing robots. UBC Open Robotics aims to increase robotics knowledge through free training, online resources, and public demonstrations.
Unmanned Aircraft Systems pushes the boundaries of current unmanned aviation technologies by developing innovative drones and ground support systems to compete at national and international competitions. Agrobot creates an autonomous machine capable of navigating a corn field to identify weeds and analyze crop health.


Civil and Materials Engineering Teams

UBC Concrete Canoe designs, tests, builds, and ultimately races a canoe made entirely of concrete. For those of you who are wondering, yes! It floats! Concrete Toboggan team designs, builds, and races their sled in the Great North Concrete Toboggan Race.
Steel Bridge designs and builds a strong and lightweight steel bridge structure. UBC Seismic constructs a structurally sound and architecturally pleasing balsa wood structure to resist seismic loading.

UBC Volcan specializes in material analysis and testing with a fun twist, they make knives and swords by hand in a forge! UBC SmartCity develops the technologies that will under-gird the success of tomorrow’s cities through hands-on and project-based work.



Sustainability Teams

Third Quadrant Design aims to support the design, education and adoption of high performance buildings and green infrastructure. Sustaingineering UBC designs, develops and applies sustainable energy solutions for developing communities. UBC WasteNauts applies principles of sustainable engineering to come up with both systemic and materials solutions for environmental problems.