Request for IT Support (license server hosting, etc.)

If you have an IT request, fill out the form below and email it to If the EDT Advisory Committee approves the request, it will send be sent to IT to determine if the request can be processed.

The form can be found here: APSC IT Support Request Form for Design Teams


ANSYS Suite information can be found here:

ANSYS Advanced Training Manuals can be found here:

To obtain access to ANSYS research licenses for team members personal computers:

  1. Email the EDT Coordinator from your official design team email with the information
    below for each member requiring a license. The process for finding this information is
    available here:

    1. PC Username
    2. PC Computer Name

SolidWorks Student Engineering Kit

Refer to:

SolidWorks Product Data Management (PDM)

Refer to:

Altium Designer

ECE students refer to:

Sponsorship Link:


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