Automotive Teams

UBC Baja designs and constructs  a single-seat all-terrain vehicle in time for competition.  In addition to participating in the design and build process, students gain valuable experience promoting the vehicle, generating financial support through various methods and, above all, managing team responsibilities with academic and educational priorities.


Formula UBC, founded in 1991, is a student team that designs and builds a Formula-style open-wheel race car for competition in the Formula SAE collegiate design series. Each year a new car is taken from concept to reality and brought to competition, scoring points for both engineering design and dynamic driving performance. Formula UBC is a diverse team of highly motivated engineering students determined to get the most of their university experience. Team members contribute their skills to a wide range of high-tech engineering and manufacturing challenges in the areas of powertrain, chassis, suspension, electronics, controls and aerodynamics. A group of dynamic team leads work to synchronize the efforts of new and senior members to create a unique vehicle that will proudly represent UBC among over 500 university teams from around the world.


UBC Formula Electric is dedicated to designing and constructing a formula-style race car that is completely electrical. Our goal is to compete against the top teams in North America in the annual Formula SAE Electric competition. Featuring regenerative braking and student-made electronic systems, the first iteration of the car also boasts two synchronous three-phase AC motors, giving a power output of 80kW.

Electric Car Club


UBC Solar builds solar-powered race cars capable of driving across the continent without stopping to charge, all while reaching typical highway speeds. We compete on an international stage to show the world that sustainable automotive solutions are closer than it thinks. We work on a two year design cycle, and invite students from all faculties including Engineering, Science, Business, and Arts.


UBC Supermileage was founded in 2001 by UBC Mechanical Engineering students Rob Mahaffey and Brian Jung, with a vision for young engineers to test classroom theories against real engineering problems. Since then, countless students have dedicated themselves in the pursuit of efficiency. The team builds ultra-efficient vehicles such as the internal combustion engine Prototype Class vehicle, which has few design restrictions, and the battery electric Urban Concept Class vehicle, which aims to mimic and press the limits of modern commuting efficiency. Our team consists of members with complementary skillsets in structural mechanics, power transmission, aerodynamics, PCB design, and programming to create our vision of efficient transportation. To learn more and keep up with our team, check out our Facebook, Instagram, or website.


UBC ThunderBikes is devoted to designing and racing electric Motorcycles to demonstrate the performance capability of sustainable transportation. We compete internationally in the AHRMA Varsity Challenge against other university teams every year. We consist of a strong team of engineering and science students, understanding that a large project like ours requires interdisciplinary collaboration. We recruit from all backgrounds as long as you demonstrate a willingness to learn and a hard working attitude. If interested in joining, please email