Open Robotics is a student robotics team that aims to increase robotics knowledge through free training, online resources, and public demonstrations. The team’s main project is a full-size domestic assistive robot, however the team supports smaller robotics projects with prototyping resources, robotics components, and mentorship. The team plans to compete in robocup@home in 2018.


UBC Sailbots design and build fully autonomous robotic sailboats.  After consecutively winning the International Robotic Sailing Regatta for the three years, they set their eyes on the Atlantic Ocean with their newest sailbot! They design power, control, motor, sensor and satellite communication systems built into a carbon fibre hull, along with routemaking and obstacle avoidance software algorithms, to ensure that their vessel can survive what the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. For more information about the team and how to join, see



Snowbots research and design autonomous vehicles ranging from self-driving cars to automatic snowplows. All vehicles designed require no human input for operation. They currently go to the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition in Michigan and the Institute of Navigation Autonomous Snowplow Competition in Minnesota.


Thunderbots FC are football club of soccer playing robots.  Designed and built to be autonomous, the robots, as a team, can carry out plays and strategies and recognize each other on the playing field.  They play in the RoboCup Soccer Small Size League which is hosted all over the world!

Thunderbots FC


UBC Unmanned Aircraft Systems compete in an annual competition and focus on the design and integration of unmanned aircraft systems and remote sensing technology. These systems are designed for use in emergency response and disaster relief scenarios in order to provide quick and accurate information to first responders.