Aerospace Teams

UBC Mars Colony  is dedicated to designing and manufacturing technology that allows for human establishment on Mars. We are inspired by the current events in private industry efforts to advance space exploration and colonization. We are multi-disciplinary to the core, requiring a diverse group of engineers to support our ambitious projects. These include a full-scale Martian airlock, a Mars-based in-situ propellant production plant, and a lunar mining operation. We provide students with experience with engineering design and manufacturing processes, building industry-relevant skills such as SOLIDWORKS CAD design, machining, circuit design, materials testing, and much more.


UBC Orbit is a satellite design team dedicated to the innovation, design and development of nano-satellites known as CubeSats. The team is currently building two satellites: Aspectu an image taking satellite to compete in the Canadian Space Design Challenge and ORCASAT a calibration satellite built for the Canadian Space Agency with a guaranteed launch. To find out more check out the team’s Facebook.


UBC Rocket is dedicated to the design, construction, and launch of suborbital rockets. The team is gearing up to compete in their first Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition this year. Building a successful rocket is a truly interdisciplinary challenge, and requires expertise in nearly all engineering fields. If you are looking for a fast-paced team with ambitious goals, this is the team for you. To find out what we’ve been up to, check out our Facebook and find us on twitter and Instagram.


UBC AeroDesign builds and flies payload-lifting, radio-controlled airplanes to compete in the international SAE Aero Design Competition. To build an airplane that can carry the most weight and drop a payload onto a ground target most accurately involves a diverse range of engineering sub-teams, such as airfoils, propulsion, avionics, and structures. If you are a self-motivated individual looking to learn more about our team, check out our website or our Facebook page.